Generac Water Pumps

Powerful Solutions for Water Removal

Generac offers reliable pumps built to meet the needs of homeowners, farmers, construction crews and more. They’re up for any job – from draining swimming pools and ponds to removing standing water from basements or farm fields.

Powerful Solutions for <strong>Water Removal</strong>

Generac OHV Engine
Generac's own OHV engine features splash lubrication for long, reliable service

Easy Prime Funnel
Generac’s custom funnel design allows for quicker and easier priming of the pump. The tethered priming cap ensures you do not leave it behind

Color-coded Ports
Color-coded suction and discharge ports to ensure the correct hose connections and simplify set up and operation

Hardened Steel Tube Cradle
Regardless of how you use your water pump, you can rest assured it has the durability and strength to handle rough conditions

the power to remove water wherever it’s not wanted

Draining swimming pools, hot tubs, ponds, basements, or fields., Generac has a water pump to meet your needs.


Delivers compact pumping power

Powered by a Generac 79cc OHV engine, the CW15K delivers the high-flow capacity you need to take on most pumping jobs. Use it to remove standing water from basement floors, drain swimming pools, empty window wells, you name it. All in a lightweight package that’s compact and easy to use.

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Takes on tough water removal applications

Specifically engineered to handle muddy or sandy water, the ST20K is powered by a 208cc Generac engine that pumps up to 158 gallons per minute. So it’s ideal your toughest applications. With features such as low-oil shut down to protect the engine from damage, it’s both durable and easy to use.

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